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Sushi Menu

Sushi available noon - close, Wednesday - Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday).

Specialty Platters

(served with Miso soup & Sushi side salad)

Vegetarian Platter20.00

1 vegetarian, 1 avocado & 1 sweet potato roll

California Platter25.00

3 California Rolls

Spicy Combo Platter28.00

1 spicy tuna, 1 spicy shrimp & 1 spicy salmon roll

Tuna or Salmon Lover Platter26.00

1 spicy tuna or salmon roll, 1 tuna or salmon roll & 3 tuna or salmon nigiri or sashimi

Yellowtail Special Platter35.00

1 neghihamachi roll, 1 spicy yellowtail roll & 3 pieces of yellowtail nigiri

Shrimp Special Platter28.00

1 spicy shrimp, 1 shrimp tempura roll & 3 pieces of Ebi

Nigiri / Sashimi

(per piece)








Flying Fish Roe3.00

White Tuna3.00


Extras / Substitutions

Rice Paper2.00


Cream Cheese0.50

Soy Paper2.00

Extra Sauce1.00


Gekkikan Sake5.50


Ty Ku Jun Mai Black24.00


Ty Ku Jun Mai Silver18.00


Featured Appetizers

Fried Vegetable Spring Roll7.00

Steamed Shrimp Shumai7.00

Mixed Vegetable Tempura7.00

Rice Bowls

Vegetarian Bowl14.00

Rice, carrot, cucumber, avocado with spicy, sweet mayonnaise, wasabi sauce

Spicy Poke Bowl18.00

Your choice of marinated tuna or salmon with sushi rice, mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, avocado, seaweed salad & fried onions


Green Tea1.50

Side Salad3.00

Miso Soup2.50


Fried or steamed

Seaweed Salad5.50

Kani Salad9.00

Sushi Rice2.00

Calamari Salad7.00


Rolls / Hand Rolls

California Roll8.00

Crabstick, cucumber, avocado

Philadelphia Roll9.00

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber

Alaska Roll9.00

Salmon, avocado, cucumber

Spicy Roll9.00

Choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or shrimp, all with cucumber

Seaweed Salad Roll9.00

Seaweed salad, cucumber & avocado

Tempura California Roll11.00

Deep fried with spicy sauce



Avocado Roll6.00

Salmon Roll7.00

Eel Roll10.00

Cucumber or avocado



Crabstick Roll6.00

Sweet Potato Roll7.00

Cucumber & Avocado7.00

Tuna & Avocado9.00

Salmon & Avocado9.00

Vegetarian Roll7.00

Special Rolls

Neghihamachi Roll14.00

Yellow tail, cucumber & green onion with wasabi sauce

Shrimp Tempura Roll10.00

Shrimp tempura, avocado & cucumber with sweet & spicy sauce

Tennessee Roll14.00

Tuna, cucumber & avocado on topped with masago & spicy sauce

Creamy Crab Roll15.00

Crabstick tempura, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, crispy rice & green onion with wasabi sauce

Crunchy Roll15.00

Choice of tuna, salmon, or shrimp
Served with cucumber & avocado & topped with tobiko, crispy rice & spicy sauce

Jumbo Crab Roll18.00

Jumbo crab meat, cucumber, avocado & masago with spicy sauce

Summer Roll17.00

Spicy shrimp, crab stick, cucumber, avocado, carrot & lettuce with sweet chili sauce rolled in rice paper

Hawaiian Roll15.00

Spicy tuna & cucumber roll with avocado, tobikko & wasabi sauce

Spider Roll16.00

Soft shell crab tempura, avocado & cucumber topped with tobikko spicy/ sweet sauce

Dragon Roll16.00

Eel & cucumber roll topped with avocado & unagi sauce

Rainbow Roll18.00

California roll topped with assorted fish

Sushi Lobster Roll17.00

Lobster salad, cucumber & avocado

Bangkok Roll18.00

Cucumber & spicy tuna roll topped with spicy scallop & green onion, finished off with blow torch with sriracha sauce

Easter Roll18.00

Tuna & avocado roll topped with salm

Dynamite Roll18.00

Tuna & cucumber roll topped with tuna, crispy rice & spicy sauce

Shrimp Lover Roll18.00

Shrimp tempura roll topped with shrimp and avocado with spicy/sweet sauce

White Dragon Roll18.00

White tuna & cucumber roll topped with white tuna & spicy wasabi sauce

Beach Haven Roll18.00

Shrimp tempura roll topped with eel, sweet & spicy sauce

Chattanooga Roll18.00

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese roll topped with spicy tuna, crispy rice, served with honey & spicy sauce

Kamikaze Roll18.00

Spicy tuna & cucumber roll with white tuna, grilled jalapeño on top, served with spicy sauce, wasabi & sriracha sauce

Buckalew’s Specialties

Old Barney Roll18.00

Tempura shrimp topped with tuna & white tuna with spicy & eel sauces

Jay’s Special Roll17.00

Spicy Tuna, lettuce & avocado topped with crab meat & fried onion with creamy jalapeño & sweet sauce

Buckalew’s Roll18.00

Chopped White Tuna, with tobiko, special sauce, mango sriracha sauce, spicy salmon, cucumber sprinkled with green onion, finished with a blow torch

Queen City Roll18.00

Soft shell crab & avocado topped with spicy tuna, wasabi & eel sauces

Wooden Jetty Roll18.00

Tempura shrimp topped with jumbo lump crab and mango sriracha sauce

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Sushi is open all year long

Our Sushi Chefs handcraft each item to order. Sushi is delivered upon completion and may not coincide with the timing of any other menu items